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10 good reasons to choose FOBA marking lasers

High quality, zero defect production and 100% traceability all while lowering production cost per part are challenging automotive manufacturers. FOBA offers high-end laser technology that solves all these demands. On top we offer customized services covering your entire laser marking needs.

1. Permanent Traceability
→ Full control of marking process (with vision)
→ Production data logging
→ Code and Optical Character Verification (OCV) (with vision)

2. Worldwide Services
⊲ Acceptance Packages incl.
→ Factory Acceptance Test FAT and Site Acceptance Test SAT
→ Process Capability Testing (CpK)
→ Machine Qualification
→ Customer specific end tests
⊲ Customized mechanical and software engineering in order
to meet customer specific requirements and challenges
⊲ Dedicated lifecycle services incl.
→ Service Care Packages
→ Remote diagnostics and monitoring of equipment
→ 24/7 hotline support (depends on Service Care Package)
→ Dedicated global service tech network with direct service
organizations all over the world
→ Global spare parts stocks
→ Local consignment stocks
→ Spare parts availability: minimum guaranteed 5 years and up to
10 years on demand
→ On-site customer training
→ IoT data with FOBA Remote Service
→ Global application development and onsite
→ Up to 5 years warranty with Service Care Package

3. Easy Integration
→ Seamless integration capability for easy adaption to production and
data processing environments
→ Connects to PLCs, host computer systems and industrial protocols
→ Built-in software/ERP interfaces
→ Customized software solutions
→ Standard 19-inch controller and PC
→ Compact mechanical design
→ One fits all design

4. Global Application Expertise
→ 35 years of expertise in laser marking applications
→ Specializing in focus markets automotive and medical technology
→ Winner of several automotive laser marking benchmarks in the
past 2 years
→ Global application labs in North America, Europe and China
processing approx. 3,500 applications yearly
→ On-site application support (for application setup or fine tuning)
→ Dedicated team of 15 experienced laser application engineers
tackles the most challenging laser marking applications

5. High-Quality Marking
⊲ Universally applicable laser systems can mark the complete variety
of automotive industry materials
→ High-contrast, scratch resistant plastic marking
→ Ultra-high contrast marking with black/white (DMC) marking on
rough metals
⊲ Multiple wavelengths (fiber, CO2, UV)
⊲ Creation of durable, counterfeit-safe, highly precise sharp-contour
characters, machine readable codes and other formats

6. High Speed, High Throughputs
→ High-speed marking heads for quick and economic processing of
automotive parts, both stationary or on-the-fly (MOTF)
→ Up to 2,000 characters per second
(at 2 mm character height)
→ Line speeds up to 15 m/s

7. Efficiency
→ Air-cooled laser system
→ High uptime
→ Almost zero maintenance
→ Compliance with ISO 9001: 2015
→ Audit ready KANBAN system


8. Data Integrity
→ Tamper-proof AOP (Advanced Operator
Program) for production data security and
program version control
→ Laser-integrated vision system with OCV
and code validation
→ Local (on the system) and decentral (on a
local file server) storage of parameter and
layout data


9. Compliance
→ Compliance with ISO 9001: 2015
→ Audit ready KANBAN system

10. Laser-Integrated Vision
⊲ Patented high-speed vision system IMP
(Intelligent Mark Positioning) integrated in
the laser’s marking head (IMP is mandatory
for meeting and maintaining a stable
process > Process Capability CpK)
⊲ 4 pre-mounted, fully software controllable
lightbars allowing for even illumination
and reducing unwanted hot spot reflections
⊲ Pre- and post-mark inspection features
ensure drastic scrap reduction:
→ Automatic mark alignment
→ Part validation prior marking
→ Pre-mark verification
→ Patent pending MOSAIC™ feature for
fixtureless marking
→ Mark verification after marking
→ Code validation and OCV (Optical Character
Verification) after marking

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