A complete series with perfect thread quality

A manufacturer in the medical sector had high demands on the thread quality for its products. DC Swiss offered him a solution with maximum process reliability and a radius correction of only 0.03, as well as a resource-efficient service life of 2500 pieces.

Our customer, an international manufacturer of medical and dental products, requires a high-precision thread for his products. The thread was realized according to the following technical specifications:

  • Blind hole M1.8 x 0.35, whirled
  • Tool: Thread whirler GWi 5000, with internal coolant and patented cutting geometry
  • Material: Titane, grade 4, thread for dental products
  • Cutting data: 3 m/min., feed per tooths 0.03 mm
  • Thread depth: 2 x D

The customer was deeply impressed with the process stability and the single radius compensation of 0.03 and a tool life of 2500 pieces.

Conclusion: A complet series with the perfect thread quality, 100% according to standard.



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