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Automatic single-chamber cleaning systems type KTR/KTRO

This system concept is the ideal solution for cleaning small parts with complicated shapes. The compact single-chamber cleaning system with KKS ultrasonic technology offers maximum flexibility in a minimum of space and guarantees problem-free and reproducible fine cleaning.

Technology combines process knowledge

  • State-of-the-art ultrasonic technology with DUAL and MIX frequency technology
  • Automatic process sequence
  • Highest cleaning efficiency and quality meet the high-quality demands of medical technology, optics and watch industry


Cleaning guarantee for reproducible results on an aqueous basis.

The following processes are carried out in the plant:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Ultrasonic rinsing
  • Spray rinsing with deionized water
  • Drying with hot dryer

Technical data

Maximum workpiece size Ø200x100mm
Parts Movement Rotation Oszillation
Ultrasonic technology KKS DUAL-/MIX-Technology
Ultrasonic power 600 / 2’000 W
Ultrasonic Frequencies 27 & 80 kHz / 30 & 60 kHz / 
40 & 100 kHz

Software and HMI

Control systems are the central interface to the user and to higher-level systems / networks. KKS gives great importance to reliable, user-friendly user interfaces as well as process visualizations and interfaces, which enable the integration of the plant into existing networks.

The remote maintenance support of the system can be activated by the customer.


Special features of the single-chamber cleaning systems

Visualization of the plant condition:

  • Error messages and warnings in understandable plain text display
  • Visualisation of the system status additionally via a signal tower

User administration

  • Name and Password
  • Four different authorization levels

Process flows and recipe management:

  • Integrated order and recipe management
  • Unlimited number of recipes possible
  • Management of orders and recipes with different status
  • Freely programmable process sequences (recipes)
  • Parameters freely definable for each process step

Data archiving:

  • Complete recording of all process data
  • SQL database for central storage of all TARGET and ACTUAL values
  • Trending of parameters (e.g. temperature)
  • Automatic SQL database backup and archiving function to back up data to the system's memory or to an external drive connected to the system
  • Operating data acquisition with definable limit value and integrated counters

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