Product Highlight SWISSTECH 2019

Ceramic Tapes and Substrates by Kerafol

KERAFOLĀ® - Keramische Folien GmbH was founded in 1985 and has over 200 employees at the moment. We develope and produce ceramic tapes for versatile applications with a special manufacturing process. These tapes may then be used unsintered as a final product or sintered as a planar ceramic component.

Setter / Kiln Furniture (Keralpor)
Due to our special production method, our setter plates show a very smooth surface with high
porosity but small pores. KERAFOL® setters are especially developed for debinding and sintering
processes of ceramic injection moulding (CIM), metal injection moulding (MIM) or Solid Oxide Fuel
Cells SOFC processes.

Thin- and Thickfilm Substrates (ATS, Keral)
Thinfilm Substrates made by KERAFOL® are based on alumina, zirconia oxide or zirconia
toughened alumina. These substrates are especially developed and used for thinfilm applications.
The 96% alumina thickfilm substrates can be used for circuit boards or for example heat sinks.

Wear Protection (Keraprotec)
KERAFOL® offers special thin ceramic substrates for wear protection applications. Due to the excellent
tribological material properties KERAFOL®´s zirconia is characterized by a high wear resistance
and very good gliding properties. It is especially used for applications where metal and plastic are
overstrained and when space and weight of the protected section are limited.

The department “Ceramic Tapes & Substrates” of KERAFOL® offers tapes based on alumina, zirconia or porcelain body.

KERAFOL® has a long experience in the development and production of customized porous and
dense ceramic tapes of different polymer / ceramic, ceramic and glass-ceramic materials for different applications.

KERAFOL® offers the complete development and production of a tape
based on a customized powder.

Made in Germany