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Contract Broaching since 1956

We offer a comprehensive all-round care in everything you need in Puncto rooms. From contract broaching, broaching tool construction, delivery of complete components, broaching machine trade, purchase and sale of used tools and machines to the training of your employees in the area of broaching.

We have been strong in the precise broaching of internal profiles for over 60 years. Our goal is not only a perfect broaching result but also a perfect handling of your order at eye level with you as our customer.

Our contract broaching department adapts itself completely into your workpiece regarding outside contour, size, weight and material and broaches the inner contour under constant quality control.

From lot size 1 to large series, we machine profiles in workpieces with an inside diameter of Ø3-350 mm an outside diameter of up to Ø 1.000 mm and a weight of up to 500 kilos.

We are experienced in helical broaching and many more.

We process all machinable materials such as iron and steel alloys, light alloys such as aluminum and magnesium alloys, cast iron, brass alloys, titanium, wood and plastics such as POM or PEEK.


What customers appreciate about us:

  • Speed (delivery time)
  • process reliability
  • our portfolio of 6,000 in-house broaching tools
  • Flexibility through a wide range of broaching machines
  • experienced employees who have mastered the "art" of broaching


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