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Customer-specific wheels and castors made of Vulkollan ®.

Vulkollan® is one of the most powerful elastomers on the market and combines the highest mechanical load-bearing capacity with the highest dynamic load-bearing capacity. For this reason, Vulkollan® is preferred in many technical areas.

We produce wheels and castors from high-quality Vulkollan® according to your specifications.

Based on your ideas and sketches, a CAD design of the desired wheel is created. Upon request, we will then either produce a prototype or beretis will produce a finished product.

Thanks to our know-how, the best possible and most cost-effective solutions are developed.

Also, it is possible to optimize dimensions, materials, and performance using a FEM simulation.

In this way, you get the wheel, the roller that best meets your needs.

Besides, we naturally offer you a wide range of standard rolls from stock. Thanks to our stock of over 10,000 wheels and castors, we are always in a position to provide you with the optimum wheel for your needs.

We are looking forward to your project!

FTA Fahrzeugtechnik AG, 5035 Unterentfelden Tel. 062 737 04 04


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