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Effective support for Research & Development

From the problem / objective to the turn-key solution, for the competitiveness of products, processes and plants: Adgenera is the partner for Innovation.

The ability of companies to compete globally depends to a large extent on the ability to seize the potential offered by new electronic and IT technologies, to innovate products and processes.

This represents a great opportunity, but it also generates new complexities that require specialized, constantly updated skills.

For over 20 years Adgenera Specialists have been supporting the R&D divisions of companies operating in various sectors (automotive, transport, industrial automation, energy saving, etc.), providing diversified know-how and experiences to support the acceleration of the pace of innovation and minimize the time-to-market of products.

For this reason, Adgenera is a great partner for technological innovation.


Adgenera provides Customers with excellent know-how and skills that enable them to tackle complex projects with a systemic and multidisciplinary approach:

  • Electronic/microelectronic design
  • Mechanical/micromechanical design
  • Mechatronic applications
  • Robotic and microrobotic applications
  • Hardware design
  • Firmware design
  • Real-Time Communication, Field Bus, wireless, Ethernet, Bluetooth, RFID/NFC
  • Sensors/Actuators
  • Wearable applications
  • Programmable electronics (Microcontrollers,
  • Microprocessors, PLC, FPGAs, etc...)
  • System integration.


Through its technological consultancy and project management services, Adgenera supports the Customer in part or in all phases of the development process of a new project:

  • Support for conceptualization and feasibility study
  • Project development (electronic design, mechanical design and product design)
  • Development of Embedded Systems, hardware, firmware and software) and integration
  • Prototyping and validation tests
  • Engineering and Cost Reduction Analysis for production commissioning
  • Co-design.

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