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ESTA - Mobile and stationary dust collectors

The mobile and stationary dust extractors from ESTA are true all-rounders. They ensure clean, dust-free air at the workplace. The dust extractors are suitable for almost every type of dust and industry. The dust extractors are low-maintenance, their compact design makes them versatile and flexible.


The dust extractors are available with test certificates (IFA and TÜV) for special applications. This means that they can be used in almost all areas. As an option, many dust extractors are also available in ATEX design. They are therefore also suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (Zone 22).



  • Characterised by simple operation and maintenance handling
  • Use in almost all application areas and industries
  • Flexible use due to a large number of design variants
  • High processing quality ensures a long service life
  • Extensive range of accessories available in the online shop
  • Low operating costs minimize downtime, set-up and spare part costs



The spatial hall ventilation for the extraction of welding smoke, dust and oil mist

With frequent workplace changes in the production process, the selective detection of dust, smoke and oil mist quickly reaches its limits. Our new room ventilation systems from FILTOWER - Rheie improve room air quality and at the same time comply with the legal requirements for compliance with dust limits in production halls. In addition, the new residual dust limit values of 1.25mg/m3 according to TRGS 900 can often not be complied with using conventional extraction technology. Here the FILTOWER series offers a fast and reliable solution.


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