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Everything clean: Machines, workpieces and emulsion

B-Cool MC 610 is ideal for general machining with a significant share of copper-base alloys. Clean machines, stable processes stand out. Excellent filterability even with cast iron.

High performance in all relevant materials

  • For all copper- and brass-base alloys with high tolerance towards lead leaching, preventing emulsion discoloration and the formation of lead soap (hare of leaded copper-base alloy per machine < 30%)
  • Spotless surfaces also with sensitive aluminum alloys
  • Excellent filterability even with cast iron


Robust and stable

  • High machine availability and long sump life
  • No residues and low consumption thanks to excellent rinsing behavior
  • Suitable for all water types
  • Suitable for systems with a high risk of bacterial growth (Free of bactericides and boron)

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