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Expansion of the colouring service for 3D printed parts

The new service of colouring covers the whole RAL range for laser sintered parts submerged in a water bath. Additionally we present the first VaporFuse Surface part of Switzerland. This surface made by industrial 3D printing can finally compete with injection moulding!

By the standardisation of the colours and the possibility to reproduce them with a stable process, an important milestone has been reached in order to get laser sintered parts on a complete new level. Freedom of design no longer means just the freedon to create all possible geometries, it newly means freedom of colour range as well. Further on we are capable to compose colours which match the brand of our customers.

The plastic parts to be coloured are submerged in a water bath trough a chemical reaction using heat and pressure. No material layer is added and the surface is coloured homogeneously. The color pigments react with the surface of the raw parts and infiltrate into their pores. This ways the dye reaches areas that otherwise would not be covered via spray painting. The typical penetration depth of the dyes is areound 0.2 mm. 

For a good and homogenous dying result, we prepare the parts with a special blasting media through blasting nozzles. The open pores are homogenized by this process.

Additionally we present on our booth the first laser sintered part of Switzerland being treated by the VaporFuse Surfacing Technology. This technology achieves a smooth, high-glossy surface with is water repellant and easy to clean. This surface can rival with injection molded parts.

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