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High-pressure system SFB-310eco/FMB turbo3-36HD

Our newly designed high-pressure system SFB-310eco combines the proven FMB loading magazine technology with the innovative and energy-efficient high-pressure technology of SF-Systeme Büchele in a compact unit and sets new standards in operability and application.

A process-reliable, stable material supply, combined with efficient cooling of the tools and targeted washing away of emerging chips, forms the basis for optimum utilization of the turning machine. The SFB-310eco / FMB turbo 3-36HD combines these requirements in a particularly user-friendly and space-saving way. The system is suitable for short and long turning systems.
For reliable production, the SFB 310eco energy-efficient high-pressure technology from SF-Systeme Büchele cools the tools and reliably rinses the chips out of the area of ​​the cutting engagement. Depending on the choice of high pressure pump, up to eight nozzles or tools be supplied with a maximum of 28 or 24 liters per minute cutting oil or emulsion at a maximum of 100 or 150 bar pressure. This ensures that even chips that are produced in large quantities can be reliably broken and washed away, even from long-chipping materials.
If required, the complete tank module with the pump and filter technology can be pulled out under the loading magazine in just a few steps. This ensures that the components are optimally accessible, for example, for service and maintenance are. In addition, the tank module offers surfaces to change components, such as deposits, feed rods and Clamping sleeves, store. Thus, these components are always available for setting up the loading magazine.

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