Product Highlight

High quality O-rings and elastomer seals

C. Otto Gehrckens, shortly named COG, is a independant manufacturer of precision O-rings and elastomer seals. We are distinguished by high delivery capability, flexible production and a deeply embedded orientation to the customer at all levels.

COG is a prestigious German manufacturer of precision O-rings and elastomer seals. We develop and distribute internationally rewoned products.

In the world’s largest O-ring warehouse, we have over 45,000 different items in stock for you, including not just standard sizes but also special size variants, made from a wide variety of materials. In order to meet the highest requirements, our O-rings are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 3601 standard. We have been awarded countless certifications for our materials, covering a wide field of applications.

As a specialist in the complex area of elastomer seals, COG offers you a broad spectrum of special services, even for special requirements.