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High quality saw technology: KLAEGER automatic bandsaw

The fully automatic band saw KLAEGER pharos220SmartCut has 2 robust linear columns, a 2-axis CNC control with SmartCut software, which optimizes the sawing process. This enables a high saw productivity and precision of the saw cuts with small machine dimensions.

Highlight PRODEX KLAEGER: Saw technology of high quality

automatic bandsaw with double pillar KLAEGER pharos220SmartCut


Main characteristics:

High precision linear bearings mounted on robust columns.

CNC-2 axes control k-tronic with  SmartCut process optimisation: Intelligent choice of process parameters to achieve optimal cutting rates and surface quality


The criterion for precision:

Ballscrew-spindle free of clearance handles heavy material with utmost precision. Material loading is realised from the top with crane directly on strong transport vice. Working area is protected with security covers and sliding doors.„POWER BOX“: ADAPTIVE control of the feed rate by measurig the cutting pressure, semi- and automatic operation, automatic positioning of the guiding arm. Small overall dimensions length x width x height: 1950 x 1550 x 1200 mm



Round : 220 mm

Square: 220 mm

Included in the phraos standard equipment:

Unique: The option SmartCut: Intelligent sawing for the professional

  • Feed drive with high precision servomotor with ballscrew spindle
  • 3 sawing modes: Sawing at the fixed choosen feed rate; feed rate variable up to the max. cutting pressure; power sawing with fixed cutting pressure
  • Function smoothly sawing when entering the workpiece: Action range and reduction of feed rate preselectable
  • Function smoothly sawing when leaving the workpiece: action range and reduction of feed rate preselectable
  • Function notching: Depth of cut reduction freely adjustable
  • Function sawing start for new bandsaws: Saves you money!
  • Display of cutting feed (target and present values); Feed rates are preselectable
  • Display of cutting pressure (target and present values): the max. cutting pressure is preselectable
  • Display of the actual height of cutting
  • Display of the numbre of cuts per mounted band saw


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