Increased economic efficiency through MFC technology

The company Fankhauser Engineering AG knows how important highly flexible machines with long running times are in order to be able to produce profitably. The use of MFC milling cutters enables significant savings in purchasing, tool preparation, machine setup and tool costs.

Fankhauser Engineering AG relies on MFC technology

Fankhauser Engineering AG is a family business in Oberdiessbach, Switzerland, and has made a good name for itself as a parts manufacturer for well-known companies. The core competence of the company is turning and milling machining from individual pieces to small series.

The range of materials that need to be machined extends from cast materials and conventional steels to high-alloy rust- and acid-resistant steels. The components requested from Fankhauser Engineering AG cover a huge variety of shapes in a wide range of dimensions. Numerous modern milling centers which can cover components of up to 1,500 mm are available for this purpose.

Managing Director Dany Fankhauser is fully aware that a production site in Switzerland can only work in a profitable manner if the machines are highly flexible and have long operating times. The modern Hermle milling centers are all equipped with pallet systems so that they can also work autonomously for many hours.

However, flexibility is not only required on the machine side. The wide range of components and materials also requires tools which are highly flexible. The MFC milling cutters from FRAISA offer a perfect platform for this. Up to 96 applications can be covered with one MFC milling cutter, which greatly simplifies tool selection. With the FRAISA ToolExpert, FRAISA provides excellent application software, so that customers can find the optimum application parameters quickly and reliably. Fankhauser Engineering AG greatly appreciates the precise application recommendations, as this enables the tools to be used with pinpoint accuracy, to work reliably and avoid time-consuming optimization steps. "Process reliability plays a decisive role in achieving long machine running times," says Managing Director Dany Fankhauser.

The tool inventory is also closely monitored at Fankhauser Engineering AG. Many tools also tie up large amounts of capital and tool locations in the magazines of the machine tools. Reducing the number of versions and complexity are strong arguments in favor of MFC technology. Numerous drilling operations have been substituted by the MFC milling cutters. The excellent plunging characteristics of the MFC milling cutters make it possible to produce boreholes of different shapes and diameters, which saves valuable storeroom space. The MFC milling cutters can also easily cope with the wide range of materials – from cast materials to stainless steel. Positive cutting geometries, conditioned cutting edges and hard material layers that combine a high level of hardness with good all-round properties form the basis for this. The reduced number of tool variants significantly simplifies logistics and the number of ordering processes. Since clarity and organization are important success criteria for Fankhauser Engineering AG, the FRAISA ToolCare® tool management system is also installed in their production area. FRAISA's ReTool® reconditioning service is also being used intensively to further reduce tool costs.

We would like to thank Fankhauser Engineering AG for the trust they have placed in us and our cooperation with them, which is based on partnership.

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