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Industrial assembly

Through its subsidiaries, Schmelzer offers its customers pipe and industrial assembly and industrial furnace assembly.Assembling of high-quality capital goods is a responsible role.

Assembling of high-value capital goods is a responsible role. The professional handling of piping systems and its installation is crucial for the quality of a technical plant.

During the last 10 years we have specialized together with our two installation companies in the following industries:


Pipe mounting and industrial assembly

The Slovenian company Schmelzer-Pisek d.o.o. assumes the assembly of new plants,modernizations,upgrades and extensions.

Industries:de-dusting,filter engineering,steel construction,conveyor systems,etc.


Industrial furnace assembly

With our experienced specialists we execute assemblies and renovations of industrial furnaces worldwide an on site.

Industries: foundries,forging technology,tempering systems,steel construction,etc.

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