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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner VHS120

The VHS120 is the ideal vacuum cleaner for the metal industry when there is need of high performances in compact dimensions for collecting any type of waste material.

The VHS120 is a lightweight and reliable industrial vacuum cleaner that combines a variety of solutions to make it ideal for a wide range of applications. In developing it, we have focused intensively on the cleaning requirements of our customers. As a result, both general cleaning and the absorption of toxic and harmful substances with this machine is routine.



The state-of-the-art engine head allows perfect cooling of the engine and excellent sound insulation. The intake air is intelligently directed through the unit and blown out again at low speed. Even as a compact AC vacuum cleaner, the VHS120 guarantees excellent results in terms of performance, suction power and efficiency.


Compact dimensions:

Thanks to its compact dimensions (only 1 m high in the basic and L versions and 1.3 m in the M and H versions), the VHS120 can be easily transported in a car or van if required and can also be moved quickly and easily in other ways.


Large container:

The VHS120 has a 37-litre container that is easy to remove and empty.


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