Industry 4.0 for chocolate lovers

Industry 4.0 means individualized mass production. Autexis Holding AG, Chocolat Frey AG and the FHNW Institute for Automation have jointly developed a picking system that delivers a personalized chocolate mixture to your home via Twitter after the order has been placed.

Industry 4.0 - the term is on everyone's lips, but who can imagine something concrete? At the Hannovermesse 2011, the term "Industry 4.0" first appeared. At that time, the German Federal Government initiated the term in order to promote digitization.


Order your favourite chocolate mix via social media

The favorite chocolate mix can be ordered at any time from any location on the smartphone via the Twitter account "#FHNW #Autexis a b c d e". The following Napolitains are available: a Giandor - b Noxana - c milk - d Blanc - e Noir. The order is included in the production program without any human intervention.


A feast for the palate after industry 4.0

The six-joint articulated robot picks the order with minimum time-constant dynamics, puts the mixture together and fills the Napolitains into a can, which is additionally closed with a lid. The box is labeled, provided with the necessary product declaration and sent to the client. Gaumenschmaus after Industry 4.0.