Product Highlight

KASTOwin amc - additive manufacturing cutting

High-performance bandsaw machine for separating components made of materials that are easy to difficult to machine from their base plate using an additive manufacturing process.

The KASTOwin amc is specially designed to separate components made of materials that are easy to difficult to machine from their base plate using additive manufacturing processes.

The missing step in the process chain has been thought through to the end:

  • Innovative sawing concept for additive-manufactured components
  • Exact cutting positioning for low pressure allowances
  • Simple, user-friendly handling
  • Closed working area
  • Preparation for customer's extraction system


Essential features of the saw specially developed for the cutting process of additively manufactured components:

  • High-performance automatic bandsaw for single cuts of additively manufactured components in light to heavy duty
    machinable materials
  • Optimum operator protection - full machine guarding in accordance with the latest CE criteria
  • Simple, very easily accessible machine full cladding allows the operator to open the machine
    of the safety doors, simple loading and unloading of the base plate is possible
  • Automatic turning device - exact positioning of the workpieces at 180°. The sawn-off
  • Components fall into an appropriately prepared collecting container in order to avoid unnecessary hazards.
    of the operator or damage to the components
  • Machine prepared for the connection of an extraction system.
  • Fast movements due to servo drives and ball screws for material feeding
    (turning device) and linear guided saw frame
  • Effective material utilization by entering the panel thickness with subsequent automatic
  • Height adjustment of the upper saw part
  • Visual inspection window in the material removal flap / individual removal of the components by means of a simple
    Pausing possible


We would be pleased to advise you in a personal and non-binding conversation about the advantages of the KASTOwin amc. We look forward to hearing from you.