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Plastic assembly

BKB Precision gladly realises composites (assy’s) or sub-composites for you. Compositing, packaging and testing products is an important part of our manufacturing process. BKB Precision strives to relieve you from your burdens and our added value in plastic assembly often benefits efficiency.

Cleaning ISO class 7

Cleaning parts and products is done with care; we work according to a strict protocol. In our cleanroom, plastic products are cleaned according to the Grade 4 norm. The room sizes 32m2 and has an ISO class 7 certification. If a higher clean grade is necessary, we can take care of this for you as well. We are happy to make any adjustments necessary to realize the desired form of plastic assembly.

Cleanroom packaging

In our cleanroom, plastic products are cleaned and packaged according to the class 7 norm. Specifications of the customer regarding the cleanroom packaging are taken into account as well. The cleanroom packaging of your components is daily work for us and is done for various companies. With years of experience in this regard, we are an excellent partner to help take care of it for you.

Compositing plastic

For compositing the various ‘assy’s’, we have the following possibilities available: mounting, gluing and/or welding. Because of these various possibilities, we are certainly able to assist you with your plastic assembly.

Mounting plastics

Mounting the components can also take place under cleanroom conditions if you so desire. All of the to be mounted components will be delivered clean, mounted in our cleanroom and packaged specifically for you.

Gluing plastic

Gluing plastic offers another wide range of possibilities. Gluing is possible in the following ways:

  • Ultra-violet gluing
  • Two-component glueing
  • Solvents
  • Specifically prescribed glues
  • Etc.


Welding plastic 

Welding plastic is another process in plastics machining. This way of machining enables plastics to reconnect to each other. BKB Precision mostly makes use of hot gas welding (the welding of plastic with hot air). Any specific demands can be discussed by contacting us.

Free advice on specific requirements

Do you have specific wishes regarding, for example, the waterproofing of adhesive seams or other things? Please feel free to contact us for free advice about plastic assembly. You can also let us do leak tests and paintwork.

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