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Premium filter for oil mist and oil smoke

We collect and filter the exhaust air from industrial processes. We separate aerosols efficiently, what remains is pure air. In this way you protect your health and the environment and save money at the same time. We guarantee maintenance-free operation of our filter systems for 1 year.


  • The A-Line adapts perfectly to your needs.
  • If the working area of the machine is opened, the extraction capacity increases and decreases again when closing.
  • With max. load input of 70mg/m3 and <1000Pa ext. pressure drop, the A-Line masters very high demands and enables you to work more efficiently.
  • Unique equipment for small, demanding machines that require moderate amounts of oil mist or oil smoke.
  • At different working speeds with cooling lubricant or KSS high pressure, A-Line masters its tasks.
  • With the A-Control monitoring system, everything can be easily adjusted and controlled by hand.
  • The device can be mounted next to, on or above the machine as well as raised.

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