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SCHMIDT® SmartGate

New protective SCHMIDT® SmartGate with automatic doors: - compatible with all SCHMIDT presses - protecting the operater - space-efficient - safety distances optimized - cycle time optimized

Shorter process time with higher safety
The new protective SCHMIDT® SmartGate enclosure is secured with automatic doors. The two visible door units are restricting the process area physically, though the cycle time will be optimised by quick opening and closing of the doors. The press process will only be started with complete closed doors. In
closed system state, the opening of the doors will be prevented mechanically, and the blowout of splinters out of the process area will be prevented. When loading and unloading, the two door units move extremely space-effciently back into the machine interior.
The SCHMIDT® SmartGate is compatible with all our presses and with our press base PU40.

  • Protection of the working area against unintended
  • Protection against splintering and fracturing parts
  • Visible working area
  • Optimisation of the safety distances by closed hazard area
  • ESD coated cover on shroud and interior panel
  • Variable speed (<2s for opening & closing)
  • Consideration of quality assurance requirements
    (OK/NOK behaviour)
  • Cycle time and process optimisation by parameter driven
    opening and closing speed as well as opening height
  • Low energy consumption courtesy of linear motor drive
  • Large working area (SmartGate)
  • Tested for the type examination
  • ESD execution

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