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Services in the Drum

A good product always comes with the right services. Only these can lead to a solution that will leave customers completely satisfied. Blaser Swisslube is there to support its customers at any time by offering the know-how they need— be it with a visit, a consultation or a training.

Blaser Swisslube complements their metalworking fluids with its “Services in the drum”. This is how our company helps its customers at any given time: whether it's offering information over the phone, sending a field employee over, providing training videos or publishing a blog entry.

For example, what do you need to bear in mind when filling a machine? In order to create the best possible conditions for a metalworking fluid solution, some important factors need to be considered. This is the only way to make sure that the emulsion used will perform as expected.

1.   Check the water quality:

As the emulsion is mixed with water, the quality (including water hardness) is extremely important. Soft water, for example, facilitates foam production. In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, water tends to be too hard, i.e. rich in minerals. This must always be considered before filling a machine. When carrying out the mixing for the new filling, the use of tap water is usually recommended; for daily fillings, purified water is often recommended. You can determine the quality of your water by using test strips – it only takes a few seconds!

2.   Preparing the machine:

The cleanliness of the machine being filled is particularly important. This creates the best possible conditions for the emulsion. You can optimise the process security and increase the emulsion service life by carrying out a thorough cleaning prior to the filling and by taking into consideration what you know about the quality of your water.

3. Preparing the emulsion

In Blaser’s metalworking fluid concentrates, the emulsifier to oil ratio is ideal for mixing with water. Achieving droplets that are as small and as homogeneous as possible during the mixing is the deciding factor for a long service life of the emulsion. Preparing the emulsion correctly will create the basis for peak cutting performance, stability and economical emulsion consumption.

4. Monitoring and maintenance

In order to quickly recognize and promptly resolve any unfavourable developments, it's important to always monitor the system; this usually takes the form of a customised weekly or monthly schedule. By investing in the maintenance of your metalworking fluid you will achieve the best possible performance. Accessories such as pH measuring strips or a refractometer will allow you to determine important parameters in no time.

Available trainings

Apart from the points mentioned, it can be helpful to take part in a brief, on-site basic training in metalworking fluid maintenance in order for you to learn more about this subject. Such offers are part of our “Services in the drum” and help machine users develop a better understanding and gain more insight into the various interconnections.

Information about the next metalworking fluid workshop can be found on Blaser’s website.