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Synergy 735 - my clear choice

"Synergy 735 looks like water and is my clear choice", explains Influencer and owner of Titans of CNC Academy, Titan Gilroy. Neutral odor and excellent skin compatibility of the full-synthetic product convince.

Titan Gilroy, Titans of CNC Academy, USA is a big fan of the coolant Synergy 735 from Blaser Swisslube.


The new full-synthetic, water-miscible oil-free metalworking fluid offers the following advantages:

• Spotless surfaces thanks to neutral pH – even with sensitive aluminum alloys
• Outstanding rinse behavior and easy cleanability
• Extremely low foaming – ideal for high-pressure systems
• Excellent tramp oil separation and filterability down to 1 micron
• Free of critical substances


Performance in a variety of materials

• Aluminum and titanium alloys
• Steel and stainless steels
• Composites (CFRP and others)
• Copper alloys
• Designed for use in DI/RO or otherwise demineralized water

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