Product Highlight

Tailored Smart Systems

With the Internet of things, objects come to life. They acquire the ability to communicate data with other objects and with humans. The data, stored in the Cloud, becomes information that allows you to control and manage advanced processes and services.

More efficiency with less time and cost

RFID, NFC or QR codes can provide information to users or automate the logistics and distribution processes of companies.

Looking at the world of industry, logistics and transport, the Internet of Things increases the efficiency of processes, thanks to the possibility of interconnecting machines, lines and systems.

The intelligent application of technology improves the possibilities for monitoring and control, increases automation levels, optimizes efficiency and reduces time and costs.


Wireless communication sensors and devices enable remote, real-time monitoring of objects, machines and processes.

Monitoring and predictive maintenance systems allow to identify any operating anomalies in advance, avoiding machine downtime or service interruptions.

Even the products become intelligent, improving performance, services and consumer experience.


Smart Objects communicate data in the Cloud and exchange information with other objects.

All this, together with the evolution of robotics and artificial intelligence systems, makes it possible to design highly innovative solutions for the most diverse application sectors: energy saving, industrial automation, Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.