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Temperature sensors made of high-performance ceramics

Platinum resistance thermocouples made of thinfilm high-performance alumina and/or zirconia substates. With a smooth surfaces and a high level of purity they guarantee a reliable performance in use from -50 to + 600 ° C. Designs as SMD or chip soldered / clamped.

We offer you thinfilm high-performance ceramics based on aluminum oxide and / or zirconia for platinum resistance thermocouple.
Due to our manufacturing process, we are able to produce extremely smooth surfaces, which are very suitable for the application of our ceramic as support for platinum structures of a few μm thickness.
A specific material composition with a high purity of the raw materials used, combined with our manufacturing process guarantee a reliable performance in use as PT temperature sensors from -50 to + 600 ° C.
Due to our selection of raw materials, we have succeeded in producing a very fine grain structure in the ceramic. These lead to excellent properties in terms of breaking strength and processability.
Already during the production of your components you will notice and appreciate the advantages due to the good processability of our Alumina Thin Film Substrates.

Typical designs as SMD or chip soldered / stapled are standard with our customers

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