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Thermoformed Plastic Products

For more than 40 years we are engaged in the production of elements and details in ABS, PST, PE Polypropylene compound. Efficiency, quality, and reliability are the keywords of our activity.

Vacuum deep drawing is a technique that is suitable for many applications. The process is designed to maximize the quality of the final product thanks to the use of numerical control molds and high-tech systems with the most advanced heating systems.

Lampa Plastic has 8 thermoforming systems that allow you to produce large parts with great flexibility and then reduce them to 200x200 mm using ABS-PST-PVC polycarbonate and methacrylate. We also count 4 Automatic Robotic cutting Units.

We employ a Polyurethan injection process. Our accessories and mounting department complete our products with additional parts and elements for quick and efficient mounting.

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