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Tool Management Software for Optimal Tool Organization

Many pride themselves with tool management. But who can offer you perfect integration into your overall process? Data consistency from the CAM system through to the machine? With real tool data or downloaded from the cloud, ready for programming? ZOLLER can.

The ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions Software

The TMS Tool Management Solutions software offers everything you need to manage your tools physically as well as digitally according to your requirements. The three software packages BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD, which build on each other, offer you exactly the scope of software modules you need for your tool organization. From the simple management of tool data to the management of complete tools, individual components and more in the ZOLLER "Smart Cabinets" storage cabinets, all the way to a comprehensive organisation of your production.


z.One - ONE data base for EVERYTHING

From design to the finished part: all stations of the manufacturing process are linked via the central data base with all data: CAD/CAM department, warehouse, purchasing, machines and, of course, the ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine. Multiple data storage and capture is a thing of the past.


Adopt existing data, download new data

ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions can be integrated perfectly into the closed process chain. Existing data structures can be adopted, recorded data can be reused, missing data can be downloaded from the cloud.

Tedious manual data entry? Superfluous: all tool data provided on the cloud by leading tool manufacturers and catalogs are only a mouse click away with the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions! Simply download the desired data and create your own data base. Direct data linking is possible via the ZOLLER data base. You can communicate with all CAM systems in your company immediately. The data is available immediately. For example, you can create realistic 3D tool models and provide your CAM system with complete tool data in 2D and 3D as well as article characteristics. These data are also available for simulation systems.


Flexible access

Manage your data from the comfort of your office or directly at the tool presetter and measuring machine: the user interface remains the same and the ZOLLER App or the browser-based interface give you access from any location.

With the ZOLLER App you have full control of your tool data – quite literally: using your smartphone or tablet, you canaccess master data, graphs, drawings, article characteristics and stock information from any location. You can search for  tools or scan them in the App, make stock logs, or capture tool life and reasons for change. You can also gain information from your tool lists via setting sheets via the App. This gives you all the information necessary for processing your parts.


Integrate third party systems

Link existing or new CAM systems without difficulties. Over 20 interfaces are already available today.

The trouble-free integration of third party systems has a long tradition at ZOLLER – since tool presetters and measuring machines are fitted with electronics. And as ZOLLER also has a tradition in focusing on the cost-effectiveness of the entire manufacturing process, this extended open access for all other systems involved in the manufacturing process is only logical – and consistently future-oriented. No matter which new systems or new machines will be developed in the future – ZOLLER will be able to integrate them.


Expand step by step

The modular design lets you expand the scope of functions according to your requirements. And as ZOLLER implements new developments as standard solutions, this saves you from having update problems with special solutions. Long-term.

ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions grow with your needs – step by step. Start with the BRONZE Package and make your tool management considerably more cost-effective. Convinced? Then continue with warehouse management and the SILVER Package. Efficient warehouse management saves money. Full cost control is provided by the GOLD Package and perfect tool organization. At ZOLLER adapting also means that our packages are always updated: functions are upgraded and new requirements are met with new functions which become standards integrated in our updates. This ensures that you will always be state-of-the-art in the future.

The following gives you an overview of the scope of software modules that are included in the individual packages.



  • Management of tool data: Ideal software module for small and medium-sized businesses as introduction to meaningful tool management.
  • Technological data and article characteristics: Data provision for individual components and complete tools for further processing in the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions as well as in third party systems, i.e. CAM.
  • Article characteristic bar according to DIN 4000 / ISO 13399: Standard-compliant definition of individual components and complete tools using the complete DIN 4000 / ISO 13399 article characteristics structure.
  •  Import options cloud: Utilization of existing cloud platforms of tool manufacturers to provide manufacturing-relevant data for your own process.
  • Data import/export XML: Platform-independent import and export of tools, individual components and setting sheets, accessories, machine data and more.
  • ZOLLER WebService: Time and cost savings: with its universal, open data base access, third party systems access the tool information in the ZOLLER tool data base in a standardized and easy manner.
  • Excel read-in filter: Easy import of your article data from Excel.
  • Data input/output including format generator: Control-specific output of data on a USB stick, serial interface (online), network or DNC.
  • USB camera: Easy and fast capture of tool images for visualization in tool management.
  • Integration of measuring machine: Use of all functions also on the ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine.


SILVER = BRONZE package + the following software modules:

  • Administration of storage location: Convenient and up-to-date management of your complete tools, your tool components and your accessories, together with a quick overview on storage location, circulation and current stocks.
  • Warehouse module »quickPick«: The warehouse interface with reduced functions allows fast logging in and out of articles with only a few clicks.
  • Management of measuring devices: Better control of the measuring and inspection equipment through management according to the setting sheet, monitoring of calibration intervals and inspection protocols with meaningful graphs.
  • Fixture management: Up-to-date management of your fixtures according to the setting sheet, including visual information and set-up instructions.
  • NC program management: Simple management of your NC programs according to the setting sheet, also various versions, including saved clamping diagrams, tool drawings and volume models.
  • Item statistics, stock recording: For the identification of „Top tools” and „Flop tools”: the item statistics based on the stock logs give you a meaningful analysis of tool consumption. The tool information in the ZOLLER tool data base can also be accessed in a standardized and easy manner via third party systems.
  • KROMI interface: Less personnel, no duplicated data recording: this interface enables the 1:1, automatic and direct import of DIN 4000 / ISO 13399 master tool data.
  • Interface »toolOrganizer«: Via a graphical presentation of your »toolOrganizer« tool cabinet as a 3D model, you can see exactly where your selected component is located - in which drawer and in which compartment. In the case of an electronic version of the cabinet, the corresponding compartment can only be opened once you have released access to the software and the component has been digitally debited.


GOLD = SILVER package + the following software modules:

  • Ordering system: Optimize your ordering processes and only order what you really require – process-safe on the basis of minimum order levels or automatic purchase requests.
  • Re-grinding cycle: For the transparent consistent management of re-grinding or maintenance processes.
  • Tool life management: For optimal utilization of machine run times, from tool monitoring to process-specific configuration. With statistic function to give an overview tool life and reasons for change of individual tool stages.
  • Tool requirement optimization »cetus«: For the process-safe and economical provision of tools for your production: saves costs as the machines can be run with smaller tool magazines and tool requirements are reduced.
  • Measurement statistics: For the graphic evaluation and management of measurements and data sets for quality control, analysis purposes, documentation, proof and/or measurement control/management.
  • Parts management: The module for parts management is used for the systematic management of individual parts and assemblies and for documentation of the tools required including setting sheets.


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