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Ultimaker S5 Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

The Ultimaker S5 is a professional desktop 3D printer with a large build volume and ideal user-friendliness. The Ultimaker solution wins with the easy-to-use software Ultimaker Cura and standard material profiles which allow for quick realisations from 3D models.

The desktop 3D printer Ultimaker S5, having a build space of 330 x 220 x 300 m and reliable dual extrusion technology by Ultimaker based on two compact print cores which can be heated up to 280°C, allows for additive manufacturing not only of visual prototypes but also for functional prototypes, production aids (jigs and fixtures) as well as small series.

Thanks to the two support materials PVA (water soluble) and Breakaway (to be removed manually) there are almost no limits in design. The active leveling system provides a perfect first print layer and therefore assures an optimized starting position for successful prints.

The default printing profiles for all Ultimaker materials (automatically recognized by the printer) from PLA to PC as well as the possibility to use any third party materials (open system for filaments with 2.85mm diameter) result in quick access to in-house 3D printing.

This experience can be further optimized and accelerated by an introductory training by DIM3NSIONS, the Swiss Ultimaker expert.

The Ultimaker solution, which includes the printer, the print preparation software Ultimaker Cura and the material profiles, allows for a fluid workflow which is organized clearly. Part of that solution is also Cura Connect, the print management system which runs directly on the printer and therefore needs no additional hardware. Send multiple print jobs right after each other into the same printing queue which does not only belong to one printer but distributes the jobs to a farm of connected Ultimaker printers.

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