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URMA Boring System – Modular Boring and Toolsystem

The modular boring and toolsystem (0.2 - 2’400 mm) exists with two different connections: axial threaded connection (alpha-modul) and side lock system (beta-modul)

URMA's well-established and customer-specific boring and toolsystem have various advantages:

The Innovation

  • Latest generation of modern digital technology with fine boring heads in diameters 0,2 to 2.400 mm
  • Highest precision and quality thanks to direct digital measurement of linear movement
  • Special tools tailored to customer needs

The Performance

  • More depth of cut for roughing operations with stable standard tools
  • Roughing and finishing in one operation
  • All standard URMA tools have ISO insert holder and internal coolant supply

The Range

  • Largest available diameter range from 0,2 to 2.400 mm
  • Flexible modular system
  • Multifunctional combination for holemaking

The Reliability

  • Two highly reliable connections with an axial threaded system (Alpha Module) and a radial side lock system (Beta Module)
  • Process reliability machining thanks to very stable tool construction and highly precise adjusting unit
  • Highest precision and long tool life thanks to Swiss Quality


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