Product Highlight

VK-X Series: Measure any type of surface

Regardless of which surface you want to measure, the confocal 3D laser scanning microscope of the VK-X series allows you to perform a precise and large-scale surface analysis.

Confocal 3D laser scanning microscope

The 3D laser scanning microscope of the VK-X series enables measurement over a 50 mm measuring surface with a resolution in the nanometer range.

Compared to its previous generations, the measuring range is 16 times larger.

The "place-and-press" function enables simple operation without the need for individual measurement settings.

All product highlights at a glance

Observation: High magnification range with only one system

  • Magnification from 42× to 28800, with up to 0.5 nanometer height resolution
  • Always fully focused color images
  • No sample preparation or vacuum required

Measurement: Precision measurement with laser confocal pinhole technology

  • Works on all surfaces, even transparent and complex shaped targets
  • No damage to the measuring objects
  • Precise and fast measurement

Analysis: One click measurement data/surface difference detection

  • Automated analysis and roughness measurement
  • Quantification of the surface structure
  • Comparison of several measurement objects
  • Roughness analysis

Benefit from 20 years of innovation

The history of laser scanning microscopes goes back 20 years. The KEYENCE Laser Scanning Microscope series has been continuously developed through the quest for perfection.

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