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We look closer: The DAkkS laboratory of Taylor Hobson

The calibration laboratory DKD-DAkkS D-K-15032-02 of Taylor Hobson in Weiterstadt - traceability of your calibration standards for roughness and roundness.

The Taylor Hobson DAkkS calibration laboratory in Weiterstadt has been accredited since 1997 for the calibration of reference standards for surface roughness, form and position.

The spectrum of possible calibrations includes:

  • roughness standards
  • superfine roughness standards
  • geometry standards
  • depth setting standards
  • stylus instruments on site or in the laboratory
  • roundness standards (spheres, glass hemispheres)
  • gain standards (Flicks)
  • test cylinder


Other roundness or straightness embodiments

The calibrateable parameters are:
Ra, Rz, Rmax, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, Pt
RONt, CYLt, PAR, Magnification standard (Flick standard), Pt

In addition, we carry out contract measurements for small and medium-sized companies (also permanently on a contractual basis). This is particularly important for those companies for which the purchase of roughness measuring devices and form testing devices is not worthwhile, but which, as a supplier, must prove compliance with the prescribed roughness dimensions or form and position tolerances.


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