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We are the Schwarz Group - Apparatuses, Vessels, Systems Technology, Non-Destructive Material Testing

Offer: Service classes (2)
Joining, bonding
Etching, anodizing, passivation and electropolishing
Grinding, polishing, vibratory finishing (trowalising), blasting
Surface cleaning
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Metals – raw materials and semi-finished products
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Since it was founded as a small coppersmith firm in 1921, the Schwarz Group has been advancing continuously.
Today, we are an internationally renowned manufacturer of apparatuses, containers and systems technology.
Tradition lived and perfected over decades, cutting-edge technologies and the qualified expertise of our 80
employees in Dornstetten, Germany contribute to our own success and to that of our customers.
We conform to international quality certifications.
Our adherence to certified environmental standards contributes to the sustainability of our production.
In our ISO Class 7 cleanroom, we depurate and package to semiconductor standards.
Remaining in close contact with our clients enables us to solve all manner of technical issues.
Direct access to all stages of production gives us maximal individuality and efficiency in creating tailor-made
We construct pressure and mixing vessels for all areas of the chemical, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical
Reactors and entire process plants for the silicon industry.
Vacuum chambers in all sizes.
We are your go-to experts in sheet metal parts, from individual items to series production, profiled or unprocessed.
We also produce spinning parts with a diameter of up to 1600mm and 8mm thick.
We manufacture drums and container systems, individually tailor-made for your specific purpose, and give your
stainless- steel products the perfect finishing touch by pickling, glass blasting and electrical polishing.
Thanks to the non-destructive material- testing process that we use in our own testing centre, we can guarantee the
outstanding quality of our products. X-Ray, ultrasonic, helium leaking test, PMI and visual testing: everything from
one source, directly on site.
Our steel construction team transforms your construction plan into true masterpieces. We are your competent
partner in milling in all dimensions up to 100 tons.
For us there are no requirements too complex, no project too ambitious and no customisation too individual.
For over 90 years, Schwarz has been synonymous with competence, perfection and the highest quality.
This has been confirmed by the countless convinced customers who continue to put their trust in us.
We are the Schwarz Group.

Certification / Standards
·    AD 2000
·    ASME R
·    ASME U
·    CE
·    China Pressure Vessel D1/D2
·    ISO 17025
·    ISO 9001:2015
·    WHG
General Information
Company size
51-100 employees
Founded in
Dornstetten, Germany
Schwarz Systems GmbH

Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 9
72280 Dornstetten
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