Digital evening PRODEX / SWISSTECH with launch Memtec.plus

Despite (or because of) digitization, personal contact is key to success. Besides, companies also have online contacts with their customers. The digital evening pursues the question of how to successfully design these contacts and presents Memtec.plus as a possible answer.

Personal contact remains key to success in a B2B environment and trade fairs important formats. Besides these personal interactions, customers also have online contacts with providers. The digital evening pursues the question of how to successfully design these contacts. As a possible answer, Memtec.plus will be launched. With Memtec.plus, a place is created, where providers and customers can get in contact 365 days a year.


Presentation: Successfull B2B marketing in a digitized world - Dr. Matthias Baldinger

In order to successfully win new business and new customers, companies have to successfully design the online contacts with potential customers.

Dr. Matthias Baldinger has been working for several years on the question how these online contacts can be successfully designed. His answer is surprisingly simple: Exactly the same way as personal contacts have been designed successfully for decades.

In his presentation, he presents some of his key learnings for successful B2B marketing in a digitalized world.


Presentation: The 730 days between the fairs

Every 2 years for 4 days, PRODEX and SWISSTECH are the meeting place for the MEM industry. However, what happens in the 730 days inbetween? Eugen Da Pra tries to give answers and shares some insights, how trade fairs are changing.


Official launch Memtec.plus with Apéro

Together with the digital pioneers, we will officially launch Memtec.plus as the digital meeting place for the MEM industry.

The digital pioneers are Blaser Swisslube AG, Dihawag AG, Hakama AG, Heule Werkzeug AG, Intool AG, NEWEMAG | Schneider mc, Schmidt Technology GmbH, Schmolz + Bickenbach Stahlcenter AG (Schmobi), Vischer & Bolli AG, Urma AG, Zehnder Group Schweiz AG.


Be part of the digital evening of PRODEX / SWISSTECH

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