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Akrom AG

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Black chromium, Laser engraving

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  • S Coating
  • S Heat and surface treatment

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Galvanic coating:

Copper, various nickel types, chem. nickel, mat chromium, brilliant chromium, black chromium,

hard chromium, Akronickel,  Maxalloy, Antralloy-black anthracite

Sandblasting, microblasting, precision lacquering, slidelacquer coating, special heat treatments.


Wear resistant hard coating on machine tool parts: hard chromium and chem. nickel,

Decorative black chromium- und matt chromium surfaces for watch manufacturing and device manufacturing.

Thin coating on electrical components

Coating on aluminium

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Akrom AG
Schwadernaustrasse 59
CH-2558 Aegerten

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 Jean Greder

Jean Greder


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