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Baublys Laser GmbH develops, produces and sells systems and systems for laser marking and laser engaving as well as laser cutting systems. For more than 45 years, Baublys name has been for continuous pioneering work in the development of new industry standards.

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Our products are characterized by high reliability due to exclusive use of industrial components. The focus is also on the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs. Numerous standard systems already cover a majority of the use cases through their option portfolio. In addition, the modular design makes it possible to implement with little effort various modifications (for example, belt or robot connections).

Irrespective of sector, there is almost no material that can’t be processed with the adequate laser source. Suitable laser sources include, but are not limited to, industry standard. Fiber and IR lasers, lasers with green and UV wavelengths, CO2 lasers and ultra short pulse lasers are available.

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Zentrale Deutschland
Mauserstraße 19
71640 Ludwigsburg

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 Roman Jost

Roman Jost

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