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Bimu SA is a Swiss company which has been active for more than 20 years in the development, production and sale of cutting tools (carbide inserts) and accessories for automatic lathes.

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  • P Turning
  • P Precision tools
  • P Cutting inserts
  • P Blanks
  • P Infrastructure and accessories
  • P Further precision tools
  • P Accessories
  • P Clamping technology and periphery

About us

Swiss made

Our products are manufactured in Switzerland in Tavannes and meet the highest quality requirements.

Our markets

Our tools are used in the bar-turning industry in various sectors including:

  • dental industry
  • medical industry
  • watch industry
  • automotive industry
  • connectors industry

Our forces

  • An innovative spirit, both in the design of our tools and in our production techniques.
  • A great autonomy in our activities, from the conception to the distribution of our own products, through their production and their promotion.
  • A close collaboration with our customers to find personalized solutions.
  • Great responsiveness in our relations with our technical and commercial partners.

Our means of production

  • A modern fleet of machines, completely renewed during the last 10 years and automated.
  • The possibility of prototyping by additive manufacturing (3D printing).

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Bimu SA
Rue du Quai 10
2710 Tavannes

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