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CLM Srl/GmbH: the partner you can rely on for machining processes and assembly of complex components.

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  • S Further production processes
  • S Contract manufacturing
  • S Assembly services
  • S System assembly
  • S Complex, heterogeneous assemblies
  • S ISO 9001:2015

About us

C.L.M. was founded in 1993 by three partners who, with determination and untiring work, made the decision to unite their technical and entrepreneurial skills. The company has grown over the years and is distinguished for its reliability, professionalism, constant training and development of our specialized personnel, and for our production and quality-control machinery. Today, CLM boasts a young, dynamic team of 47 workers and valuable partnerships.

Our company carries out material-removal machining works using CNC turning and milling machines, from individual parts right through to series production. One of the features which best distinguishes C.L.M. is our high degree of flexibility, both in the vast selection of raw materials we work with and in our attention to our clients’ specific requests.

In our milling department, we have 6 CNC 3-5 axis spindle vertical milling machines or a 4-axis horizontal spindle, all of which can be programmed by an external 3D CAM system.

The 15 CNC turning machines in our turning department are configured for a variety of diameters and production batches. The turning machines are equipped with driven tools to guarantee absolute precision.

Over the years, we have augmented the services we offer our clients with an assembly department for complex mechanical components and the option of integrating electronic components.

Logistics & Sevices
The services we offer include Kanban delivery, an efficient storage system, and a well-structured logistics department.


A step ahead
In the last twenty years, we have made numerous steps forward: In 2001, CLM received ISO 9001 certification of management system, and in 2018, our upgrade to ISO 9001:2015 certification is on the horizon. We place great value on constant improvement of company procedures, supplies, production, movement, storage, transportation and delivery.

Our goals:
verification of conformity of machining processes and of the product through an advanced quality control system
analysis of data collected and corrective solutions
punctuality and precision in delivery of the finished product in accordance with the needs and requirements of the client

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Bolzano / Bozen - I
Via Toni Ebner Str. 11
39100 Bolzano / Bozen

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