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Comet Schleiftechnik GmbH

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COMET manufactures high-performance grinding wheels and other precision grinding tools on its company premises of over 15,000 m2. Even in the third generation, the company is still owner-operated and combines tradition with new developments and the power of innovation.

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  • P Further precision tools
  • P Precision tools
  • S ISO 9001:2015

About us

With more than sixty years of experience in high
quality grinding wheels and other precision grinding
tools, the family owned company COMET
has succeeded in combining tradition, new developments
and innovation power for the following
product lines:

• Gear grinding
• Surface grinding
• Cylindrical grinding
• Cutting / Roughing
• Diamond-CBN
• Dresser
• Cutting tools

Our 20.000 formulas, which are constantly improved,
the service and the proximity to our clients are
the basis of our success.
COMET is certified ISO 9001:2015.

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Comet Schleiftechnik GmbH
Im Pottaschwald 5
66386 Sankt Ingbert

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