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DC SWISS SA is the partner for threading technology for companies of all sizes, at home and abroad. We produce tools ranging from dia. 2.74 mm - 160 mm. Our subsidiary DC NANO TOOLS SA is your partner for dia. 0.3 mm - 2.74 mm.

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DC SWISS SA possesses high-level specialist skills and many years of experience in threading technology, which have earned the company international prestige. In comparison with other machining techniques, such as milling and turning, for example, thread cutting poses more complex requirements. Beside the thread norm, many ancillary production factors, such as chip removal or coolant supply, have to be taken into account in the design of thread cutting tools. But the ultimate effectiveness of the tool results from a symbiosis between cutting geometry, high and consistent raw material quality and the judicious application of surface coatings that enhance performance.

Thread cutting tools from DC are made using the latest and most modern production technologies to guarantee economy of cost and extremely consistent, fault-free manufacture.

Your expectations and your quality requirements are at the heart of the further development of our precision tools and of the whole range of services that we provide. Tell us your need and expect nothing else than the best solution for your application.

Because our strength is your benefit!

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2535 Malleray

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 Sergio Galantino

Sergio Galantino

Development & Technology, Marketing Manager

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