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DISA Elektro Ltd. offers you solutions in force and torque measurements. Specific software solutions are a part of our business. We also have a calibration office whitch is accredited from the SAS (SCS0083). We offers you calibrations until 1000Nm/1000N.

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About us

As a Swiss sales partner from Mark-10 as well as manufactuer from user specific sensores, we offer you reliable systems and component for force and torque measurements.


With a suitable software you are able to analyse and exploit your measured data. We are glad to generate you a software for your own needs.

Calibration laboratory:

DISA has a own, from the SAS accredited labor (SCS 0083), for force- and torque devices ( until 1000Nm/1000N).(on the ISO/IEC 17025 norm).  This service is for industries which would like to calibrate temporary their measure and production facilities. To ensure the functionality of your equipment, you will always need a SCS- calibration certificat or a factory certificat.


Since many years we distribute the high-quality and innovative products of Mark-10. We advise and support you in the selection of the right equipment depending on the application. We have been the official European Service Center for all Mark 10 products since February 2011. 


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DISA Elektro AG
Kägiswilerstrasse 33
6060 Sarnen

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 Natasa Zivanovic

Natasa Zivanovic

Sales Assistant

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 Gregorio Presti

Gregorio Presti

Sales Engineer

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 Dominik Ming

Dominik Ming

Head of calibration laboratory

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