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FN Niederhauser AG was founded by Fritz Niederhauser at the end of November 1989. The machine tool park was successively adapted to customer requirements and conti¬nuously renewed. On 1 January 2015, FN Niederhauser AG was taken over by a long-standing employee, Roland Helfenstein.

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  • P Turning machines (lathes)
  • P Machine tools
  • P Drilling machines
  • P Milling machines
  • P Machining centers
  • P Grinding machines
  • P Sheet metal cutting machines
  • P Sheet metal blanking machines
  • P Further machine tools
  • P Turning
  • P Precision tools
  • P Milling
  • P Die cutting
  • P Forming and eroding
  • P Tensioning systems and plates
  • P Clamping technology and periphery
  • P Chucks
  • P Accessories
  • P Further clamping technology and periphery
  • P Measuring equipment
  • P Measurement technology and quality assurance
  • P Further automation
  • P Automation
  • P Electrical discharge machines
  • P Presses
  • P Periphery for machine tools

About us

Workpiece clamping is a very complex task and the crucial link between machine and workpiece. We can bring our practical experience and that of our suppliers to bear on a day-to-day basis, enabling us to offer you huge benefits. We can offer package solutions in clamping technology from a single source, from simple clamping tasks to complete system solutions. We would be happy to handle your clamping tasks. Our in-house production allows us to tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements.


In Switzerland and Liechtenstein we are the industry representatives for leading manufacturers such as SMW-AUTOBLOK GmbH, the Römheld group (Römheld/Hilma/Stark), Halder Erwin KG, PML Pneumatic Chucks and Schaublin Collet Chucks. SMW-AUTOBLOK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of clamping systems for rotary machining in turning and grinding operations on machine tools, with ultramodern production facilities in Meckenbeuren, Germany and Caprie, Italy. Römheld, Hilma and Stark – the three brands of the ROEMHELD group – are among the global market leaders for productive solutions in industrial manufacturing, assembly, clamping and drive technology. Our mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric clamping elements help us make your production more efficient and flexible.

In-house products

We are manufacturers of collet chucks in a range of designs, from the standard to the fully customized version. These collet chucks are developed in our company and produced in our own manufacturing facility. We offer these clamping systems with manual, pneumatic or power operation. The collet chucks can be used in rotary and stationary applications. Our latest development is a collet chuck with stroke adjustment. The mechanical stroke adjustment mechanism of the FNO-K, FNP-KAH and FNF-KAH collet chuck types allows thin-walled or positive locking workpieces such as rings, discs, sleeves, eccentric shafts etc. to be clamped reliably and without any deformation.


The very wide portfolio of products either from our suppliers or manufactured in-house enables us to offer package solutions in clamping technology from a single source. These could include hydraulic and pneumatic devices integrated with a zero point clamping system or vice systems with special jaws as well as mountings and special clamping jaws for chucks on lathes and grinding machines.

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FN Niederhauser AG
Allmend 39
6204 Sempach

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 Roland Helfenstein

Roland Helfenstein


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