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Spanish Export Association of Castings, Foundry Equipment and Related Product and Services

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  • P Metals – raw materials and semi-finished products
  • P Materials

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FUNDIGEX, The Casting Exporters’ Association of Spain, is a non-profit organisation, founded by a group of foundries in 1985, with the objective of promoting the exports and the internationalisation of the Spanish companies in the foundry sector. FUNDIGEX is also working to defend the general interest of its more than 50 associates on the international market. In 2005, a side branch was creatied, allowing suppliers to the foundry industry to be part of the association.

Fundigfex currently embodies ferrous and non ferrous foundries which cast trhough any moulding systems towards all kind of industrial sectors as well as machinery manufacturers, and other sort of companies which work in the foundry sector.

In order to reach its objectives, FUNDIGEX designs and menages the internationalisation strategy in which the following actions are set out: Organisation and participation in Trade delegations and Encounters between buyers and sellers, International trade fair, RFQ´s, Marketing plans, etc. We offer all kind of advice in import-export issues as well as market studies and data bases with contact details of international buyers.

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Parque empresarial Ibarabarri
Calle Iturriondo, 18 - Edificio A-1, 1º C
48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)

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