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g + p special tools is a strong partner in the production of precision tools for machining. A specialty are the developed tools for the processing of lead-free materials. - Range of services: construction, new production, regrinding, repairs, consulting

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About us

As a manufacturer of special tools, we deal with the challenges of machining on a daily basis. Different levels of service are in demand and offered:


New production of tools:

• Production according to customer's tool drawing.
• After product drawing, we construct the tool.
• We design the production process including tools according to the product and the existing machine.

Regrinding / sharpening of tools


• g + p tools are laser marked and uniquely identified.
• Regrinding is carried out with consistently high quality on 5-axis grinding machines.
• Also third-party products will be sharpened

Consulting - Advice from practitioners for the practice:
• Why should you learn from mistakes?
• Why should you lose time and money with it?
• We advise in a wide range of operational situations including practical implementation
Examples are:
• new materials to be processed,
• Machinery conversion,
• breaking away from know-how,
• new technical challenges.

Combined Tools - Impossible, it doesn't exist

Standard tools

• We regularly meet requirements to improve efficiency / service life. If we succeed, we also manufacture standard tools in series for our customers. "Our portfolio of standard tools is growing, thanks to our good tool development and manufacturing.”