Goodwill Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Short description

GPM has 16 years in precision CNC machining services , focus on precise tolerance to 0.01mm-0.005mm. Customer define GPM as a turn-ket role of precision parts SUPERMARKET for all machining technical include milling , turning, grinding, wire cut, assembly... GPM SWISS quality with competitive price.

About us

GPM is 16 years experienced in precision CNC machining service for high-end Europe Market. As a turn-key role.

we can offer full-range machining technicals include:

1. CNC milling(5-Axis, 4-Axis, Horizontal milling, high-speed tapping)

2. NC turinng ( Swiss Turning, NC turning, Vertical turning),

3. Flatness & cylindrical grinding (flatness can reach 0.002mm)

4. Agie-Charmillies wire cut(dimension tolerance can reach 0.002mm and wire diameter is 0.07mm)

5. Precision welding+machining, Casting+machining, Injection+machining

6. Tools, Jigs, Equipment's assembly.

Application industry include:

1. Semi-conductor

2. Automotive (IATF 16949 certified)

3. Medical (ISO13485 certified)

4. New Energy

5. Automation

6. Optical


Production control & Quality Assurance: 

1. ERP system with barcode scanning for each steps  of each drawing

2. Material incoming inspection, Operator self-Inspection for FAI, spot check, , IPQC confirm inspection.  QA for final inspection before shipment.

3. Hardward support: WENZEL CMM, OMM, Specturm...


Choose GPM, get your parts with sleeping well!