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No more unreliable drying! Reliable, fast and gentle drying at low temperatures using heat pump technology in a closed system – we have solved drying problems and optimized processes for more than 25 years. Our energy-saving dryers are eligible for government allowance.

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"Fast, gentle and reliable drying" is Harter's maxim. The Allgau drying system manufacturer's purpose developed Airgenex® heat pump based condensation drying is the solution to many a drying challenge. It combines seemingly conflicting features such as low temperatures and short drying times. It dries products with extremely dry air routed as required for the specific application at temperatures between 20 °C and 90 °C. The integrated heat pump technology ensures highest efficiency. Drying in a closed system is absolutely independent of the climate. The Airgenex® dryers are suitable for any process. In-barrel drying is also realised with Airgenex®. Drying in line is state-of-the-art for Harter today. Harter operates an in-house pilot plant station for conducting drying tests.

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Harter GmbH
Harbatshofen 50
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 Reinhold Specht

Reinhold Specht

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