Helfina AG

Short description

Helfina is your contact for solutions in your production. Whether oil smoke, oil mist extraction from Absolent, chip conveyance and recycling, automation up to complete turnkey solutions. Helfina AG is your contact. We are looking forward to your challenge.

About us

our competences are:

- Oil smoke - Oil mist Extractors from Absolent. A Swedish premium product.

As the main Swiss representative of ABSOLENT, we are able to filter even the worst oil mist and oil smoke pollution into clean air. Low maintenance and connection to Industrie 4.0 are a matter of course ...

- Chip conveyor and chip recycling

Every problem finds a solution trough us ...

- Automation according to customer requirements

With our partners, MartinMechanik, MartinSystems, irob-services, and Peiseler Präzisionsmaschinenbau, we are able to fulfill almost all customer requirements regarding automation up to "turnkey" solutions.