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What ultimately counts is your bottom line. Front and back bore machining of bore edges in one single pass without having to turn the workpiece will enable you to reduce your production times and to increase the process capability at the same time.

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Our strength lies in problem solving.

Our innovations revolve exclusively around back bore machining. Since 1961, when HEULE Werkzeug AG was initially set up as a contract manufacturing business, our goal has been to reduce production times. Therefore, we developed tools that can front and back deburr, chamfer and countersink in ONE OPERATION and without turning the workpiece. Today, HEULE achieves 50% of its sales turnover with tools developed to suit individual customer requirements.

HEULE continues its global presence and excellent customer service with its subsidiary offices in the United States, China, Korea and Germany. Our experienced distribution partners offer competent technical support to you locally. This is why  HEULE Werkzeug AG is the first choice for many world leading manufacturers seeking solutions for back bore machining.


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HEULE Werkzeug AG
Wegenstrasse 11
9436 Balgach

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 Rossano Sarcinella

Rossano Sarcinella

Area Sales Manager Switzerland

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