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Standing for Innovation, Development and Marketing, IDM Südtirol is a trailblazer for economic development in South Tyrol. We provide services to businesspeople and entrepreneurs, aiming to ensure sustainable growth and development that will boost the competitiveness of local firms.

IDM encourages internationalisation and innovation, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized companies, and promotes investment in South Tyrol. We help film-makers bring their projects to life. Our targeted tourism marketing activities bolster the South Tyrol brand – and our agricultural marketing provides a showcase for the quality products from the region.

The following companies from Southtyrol will be present at Fruchtwelt Bodensee 2020:

E. Mitterer KG des Anton Mitterer & Co.
Vimas GmbH
Schwarz GmbH
Schönthaler Bausteinwerk GmbH
Ilmer Maschinenbau GmbH
Frutop GmbH
Isolcell Spa
Baumschule Malleier Walter
planTection GmbH
Windegger Maschinen GmbH