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Industry 2025 is a Swiss initiative that aims to introduce and anchor the vision of industry 4.0 and related concepts in the Swiss workplace. This is happening in a longer and continuous transformation process for Swiss industry.

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The primary goal of Industry 2025 is to secure and expand the competitiveness of Swiss companies and Switzerland as a business location. In concrete terms, the aim is to inform, sensitise, network and promote the players concerned about the subject of industry 4.0. Various measures are being implemented to achieve these goals:

  • Establishment of a comprehensive model of thought (charter) as a basis for action
  • Establishment of a central contact point in Switzerland for questions on the subject of industry 4.0
  • Operation of the online platform
  • Knowledge building in all relevant subject areas
  • International market, trend and activity monitoring
  • Coordination of various activities

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Industrie 2025
c/o Swissmem
Pfingstweidstrasse 102, Postfach
8005 Zürich

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 Philip Hauri

Philip Hauri

Industry 2025 Platform Manager

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