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OMAX is the leading manufacturer in the scope of precision abrasive waterjet cutting. For a precise cut you have to control the water jet exactly, as  the water jet is deflected in the material. In a hard material, the water jet is compressed but it spreads, for example, in soft material. Various physical phenomena are detected by the OMAX control software and can  precisely be compensated by automatic pivoting movements of the angle cutting head. Our patented nozzle technology combines decades of experience in precise waterjet cutting. An extensive expert database with technology specifications for a wide range of materials makes it possible to control the surface and cutting quality by simply selecting between 5 quality levels. Surface finishes of Rz 18 / Ra 2.5 are achievable. Depending on the material, workpiece thickness and cutting model, accuracies of ± 0.01 to ± 0.10 mm are achievable